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Sexy Lingerie To Make Him Go Crazy

Sexy Lingerie To Make Him Go Crazy

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Trust us: He won't be able to look away. Valentine's Day is a season of candy and flowers, but also sexy lingerie. But if you end up buying it, are you going sporty? Ultimately, that's really about your personal style. But if someone is buying sexy lingerie for you this season, chances are they need

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a fair amount of guidance. You want them to have the necessary intel so they can get you lingerie you actually want to wear — and in the appropriate size, too, we'd hope! Chances are they will want to snoop to find your sizing and preferences, so make your drawers (ha!) snoop-ready, perhaps leaving your lingerie drawer slightly ajar when you already know they will be over. Or "go browsing" in a store when they are with you. They'll enjoy the anticipation. For those who love a specific brand or fabric or style, be certain they know it. While some girls love a chemise, others choose going a bit racier. Then again, if they are spending a number of time in your bedroom, this just may be stuff they already know.

On most nights, you could find me comfortably sleeping in a tattered T-shirt and a pair of oversized shorts. But on those rare and special nights when i don’t feel like looking like I stole my imaginary boyfriend’s gym clothes, I opt for pretty slips to sleep in. It wasn’t until I saw Elizabeth Taylor's lingerie in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof that I realized how special pretty slips to sleep in were. She spent most of the movie in one and looked the perfect image of effortless glamour. But, glamour aside, sleeping in slips is also so comfortable. It may seem like nothing can compare to the bedtime uniform of cotton tees and shorts, but a slip’s light, silky fabric takes comfort to a whole new level. This is especially true during hot, miserable months — slips to sleep in during summer are a lifesaver. Besides, just like with most things in life, it’s nice to break out of your common routine and treat yourself to something special. I don’t think I’ll ever give up sleeping in old T-shirts, but they just don’t feel quite as special as a satiny slip or a chemise nightdress.

“Ultimately, what we’re trying to do is cure cancer with light,” said Berkman, a Washington State University chemistry professor. Berkman and his coauthors are studying photodynamic therapy, which has grown in popularity in recent decades after being used with limited success for more than 100 years. As with radiation and chemotherapy, photodynamic therapy researchers have struggled to target tumors without causing negative effects or damage to other parts of the body. “Therapy that is not specifically targeted to cancer cells results in collateral damage,” said Berkman. In prostate cancer, that can involve hitting sensitive tissue nearby, resulting in impotence and incontinence. Berkman’s lab set out to specifically target prostate cancer cells by developing a chemical that will bind to prostate-specific membrane antigen, a protein unique to the cells and referred to as PSMA. The lab at first called the chemical LW54—LW for doctoral graduate student and co-author Lisa Wu, and 54 for the laboratory notebook page on which she documented the first time the chemical was made. The chemical effectively mimics two amino acids recognized by PSMA and is brought into the cell.

If human trials underway are successful, the compound—known by its acronym DSM265—could give doctors a new tool to prevent and treat infection by the microscopic parasites that cause malaria, a mosquito-borne disease that kills more than 500,000 people annually. The crew's efforts stem from new, streamlined processes to identify and optimize chemical compounds that show promise against malaria parasites. The scientists in this international partnership—spanning 20 institutions on three continents—pooled their collective expertise to accelerate the pace of discovery and validation. This novel anti-malarial drug is their first major breakthrough for use in humans. UW chemistry professor Pradipsinh Rathod, one of the founders and leaders of this endeavor. DSM265 targets a cellular protein made by the malaria parasite. Malaria parasites rely on this protein—known by its acronym DHODH—to express their genes and copy those genes when it's time to divide. Since DHODH provides a crucial function, this drug could impair the parasite at multiple stages of its life cycle, including one elusive stage when it hides in the human host's liver. Rathod's partners include Margaret Phillips with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and Susan Charman at Monash University in Melbourne.

Rathod and his group passed DSM265 and related compounds to their collaborators at Monash University, who tested how our human cells might modify or metabolize the compound. These experiments ensured that a drug based on DSM265 would last for a long time in our bodies—an excellent feature for a single-dose anti-malarial treatment—and would not produce toxic byproducts. They also determined what doses of the compound could be the most effective in humans. Rathod's lab also developed and performed experiments to test how well the malaria parasite might evolve to change into resistant against DSM265. If doctors know the conditions that permit the malaria parasite to develop resistance to DSM265, they can tailor the drug's use in a clinical setting to lower that risk. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.

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